Asphalt Shingle Recyclers, LLC recycles asphalt shingles and other Type A inert debris such as concrete, fully cured asphalt, rock, brick, and other similar aggregates. We are located in the City of Oakland, just North of the Coliseum.

We are instrumental in achieving the “Zero Waste” goals of Alameda County. Let our experienced staff help you with your recycling needs. We are also listed on the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority list of certified C&D processing facilities. Together we are making a difference by diverting thousands of tons of material from disposal at area landfills.

Check out our Rate Sheet for a list of materials we accept and their respective prices. Please note that we do NOT accept any hazardous materials at our facility.

Check out our Recent News:

CalTrans Removes RAS from 2015 Standard Specification

It is with great disappointment that we learned about the sudden removal of RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles) from the CalTrans 2015 Standard Specifications (SSP).

Throughout all of 2014 and most of this year, we were present at the stakeholder meetings with CalTrans and the asphalt pavement industry.  CalTrans had included RAS as a new spec item in Section 39 through all of the meetings leading up to the specifications publication.

Without notice, CalTrans removed the RAS specs from the formal 2015 Standard Specifications that were published late in October. The only thing that remains from the RAS spec is the word “RESERVED”.

At this time there is no indication of when RAS may be considered for use in state job mix designs.


Certified Public Scale

Asphalt Shingle Recyclers has a certified public scale. We are one of only a few privately owned scale facilities approved by Alameda County to offer truck-weighing services to the public. You can see us here on the Division of Measurement Standards list of public scales.

For just $10, one of our certified Deputy Weighmasters can document your vehicle’s tare weight (what your vehicle weighs with no cargo) for the DMV, internal company records, etc.

We are located in Oakland, CA, just north of ORACLE Arena & Coliseum, with easy access to I-880.



Our RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles) manufacturing facility is now open! Come grow with us as we begin the future of asphalt shingle recycling in the SF Bay Area!